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Jan 17, 2013 4:00am PST
with a dry air mass and limited radar runs, if any. what concerns me, check out visibility in santa rosa, quarter-mile visibility so there is moisture hanging in the air. the temperature is below freezing. if we have a concern for black ice it will be in santa rosa 10. subfreezing in concord and livermore and mid-30's around the bay shore and mid-40's around oakland and san francisco. today is "spare the air" with sunshine and a lot of us getting to 60. >> good morning, everyone. good news from fremont where we had a head on collision at the mission street off-ramp southbound 880 which has been cleared. the roadway is wide open southbound 880 at mission. we have road work eastbound four left lane is blocked until 6:00 a.m. westbound is good with the commute direction from antioch no delays moving to pittsburg. road work south 101 at the seminary exit, just beyond that exit, through mill valley until 6:00. kristen and eric? >> developing news for a second day, a flight between tokyo and silicon valley is canceled as the grounding of the boeing 787 dreamliner expands around the world. we a
Jan 15, 2013 4:00am PST
at the temperatures. we are subfreezing. los gatos at 31. livermore and concord at 30 and 26 in fairfield, santa rosa is 29. we are close to freezing. redwood city is 33. san jose is 33 and half moon bay at 32. 41 in san francisco right now for the only spot not in the 30's and the warmest spot. this afternoon, sunshine and temperatures warmer from low-to-mid 50's and mid-to-upper 50's elsewhere. >> our microphones are too cold, as well. we are waking up to a super cold morning before rebounding but the deep freeze is causing a different sort of pain: higher prices at the grocery store. farmers are fighting to keep citrus orchards from freezing but for lettuce the damage is done showing up already with freeze damage. prices could double. the price here is $2 a
Jan 16, 2013 4:00am PST
and we have temperatures in the frosty range. 30 anchored cover and 31 at livermore, 29 in santa rosa, 29 in novato with no frost at bay shore with temperatures to 43 in san francisco. today, we are back to average with mid-50's at the coast and mid-50's to near 60 around the bay and inland. >> happy wednesday, everyone, hump day. very light traffic conditions. overnight road work still out there. eastbound four, left lane until 6:00 this morning. the westbound commute direction is looking good from antioch. northbound 101 there is road work through strawberry in the right lane until 6:00 this morning. southbound 880 we have various lanes blocked with road work. north 85 in mount vein view a lane is blocked with clear sailing on the golden gate bridge and no work there. >> we have developing news from the south bay where parents say a man tried to kidnap a toddler from her mother's arms. abc7 reporter is live in san jose on the
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3